How To Get Free Premium Guns Skin in Free Fire

Hello guys in this post I am gonna tell you how to get free premium guns skin in free fire to get free gun skin in free fire game which was launched in 2016 this is a very popular game in india and in overall world also. This game become very famous in recently after the ban of pubg mobile the user of the mobile has been shifted to free fire game so that now free fire have millions of user on their game.

Sometimes ago people would like to play pubg and refer more than free fire because pubg graphics are much better than free fire that’s why people prefer to play pubg but as we all know that pubg is a large game so that’s why we need a high hand device which work faster and have more than 6 gb of ram to play a pubg game smoother without any leg but the free fire game is not more than 1gb.



That’s why free fire game is easily work ok in less ram mobile also nowadays as you all know that pubg players are shifted to free fire so nowadays youtubers are also started the live stream of free fire they have stopped the live stream of pubg because pubg the is banned in many countries like india pakistan bangladesh and many other countries also.



But free fire is working in mostly all the countries that’s why free fire has more reach and more users also so that’s why gamers which are on youtube aur on other platforms are doing live stream of free fire and earn a lot of money by live streams.


  • Free Fire Ranked Season 4 called Against Squad will begin from December 8, 2020
  • Players arriving at Gold III or higher will P90 Gold as a select prize.
  • Web search tool has been improved to improve the nature of matches and matchmaking.


  • Preformed crews will get lesser patent insurances.
  • Players will get additional patent insurances when they rank up.
  • Preformed crews will be put against other preformed crews.


  • Vector will be accessible in Contra Squad and Classic Mode.
  • It is the first-historically speaking weapon in Free Fire that underpins Akimbo Mode, in which two weapons can be prepared simultaneously.
  • It has a harm pace of 22 and can be furnished with firearm mouth and stock as connections.

The new OB25 accompanies another weapon called Vector Akimbo alongside refreshes in the harm and force of discharge buff of the attack rifle M4A1 and harm and pace of backlash for SMG P90. The high level connections will likewise be accessible according to the progressions made to the weapons for a charming encounter.

The update has the new Clash Squad season starting on eighth December 2020 at 6:00am with an expansion in matchmaking enhancement. The OB25 update likewise has refreshed preparing grounds with another idea of Bermuda shells being presented which can be utilized Fireworks. The update likewise has dynamic lighting and a music arcade.

The update permits players to have two arrangements of HUD and a fresh out of the plastic new position mode interface for Battle Royale and Clash Squad. The component of rotational presentation of utilities menu is additionally added.

Free Fire pushed another fix a month ago which was named ‘Venture Cobra’ and thus, occasions encompassing this subject were dispatched. The headliner was known as ‘Undertaking Cobra’ and under it, a few minigames were orchestrated. One of them is known as ‘Cobra Go’ and it is a straightforward occasion that offers a whole outfit as a definitive prize.

Garena is notable to present some great occasions in Free Fire before and a similar pattern has been followed from that point forward. Despite the fact that this occasion is certainly not a gigantic cooperation or organization occasion however has its own extraordinary significance. It parts with free skins and here is the means by which to get them.

The Cobra Go occasion is an intuitive occasion where players need to play an adequate measure of matches to procure the kick the bucket rolls and continue moving until they open uncommon coupons. These coupons are named Cobra Tokens and can be utilized to open such rewards.

Another vehicle dashing mode will likewise be presented in the game. The new mode will a decent route for players to rehearse their driving abilities and test out the new vehicle sound.

A small scale drone is one of the highlights accompanying the Free Fire OB26 update also. It will be extremely valuable for players who like to be more forceful in the game, since they’ll have the option to discover all campers secluded from everything.

One of the greatest new highlights going to the game with the OB26 update is new character Skyler. Enlivened by acclaimed Vietnamese vocalist Son Tung M-TP, the collab was at that point affirmed by Garena and will carry another melody to Free Fire. Skyler’s dynamic ability will convey sonic waves to annihilate gloo dividers.

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