How To Get Characters in BGMI Season 20 (M1)


We all know that after the ban of pubg most of its audience got shifted towards the Garena Freefire. Now, Freefire has its 80M+ daily active audience. Freefire also comes in the top most played games.

In 2009 it was developed by Forestt Li and Freefire got released in 2017 by the Company that is 111dots studio. Forest Li the developer and the Ceo of the company was born in China and then he shifted to singapore with his family and got the nationality of that country.



Basically he is no longer the residence of China as he holds Singapore’s nationality. He was very interested in games in his early age and with that inspiration he developed the beautiful game with best Graphics, Gameplay, Controls and more features to be listed.  

BGMI This Year Update July 2021



It brought the M4A1 attack rifle, surfboard changes, a refreshed P90 SMG, preparing ground enhancement and substantially more. 

Garena free fire dropped the secrets about the new update on its web-based media channels. It as of late shared a see of the report on Facebook where it said, “Prepare for the new update not far off. Support will start tomorrow beginning at 9:30am – 5:15pm (IST). During that time, you were not able to enter the game. however you keep on playing as usual and experience the new fix when you update.” 

“Anticipate a refreshed Training Map, Vector Akimbo and prepare to encounter Operation Chrono in full,” the post additionally noted. 

Garena free discharge update was to get new surfboard changes and weapon status changes. There would be Music Arcade just as Dynamic Lighting. Players would be able to avail rewards once they updated the game in their devices.

Free Fire OB26 update –

 New characters

Let’s begin with the new characters . Freefire has released its two new characters were as follows:-

Shirou: Freefire launched Shirou as its new character who is known for being one of the fastest on the battlefield. Shirou has an ability called Damage Delivered which is passive. In its base level, when you are hit within a 50 meters radius, the attacker will be Also, the main shot on an enemy will have an extra 10% shield infiltration. At max level, its span will increment up to 100m, and the imprint will keep going for eight seconds, with an extra 100% defensive layer infiltration reward.

Alok: A famous DJ, who has recently showed up in other in-game occasions. Alok has a functioning capacity called Drop the Beat, which can release a sonic wave around, that expands his close by partners’ development speed by 10% in a 5m range and reestablishes 5 HP/s for 5 seconds. 

At max level Alok can build his close by partners’ development speed by 15% and increment the HP recuperation time to 10 seconds.

New weapons and mechanics

A new mid-range weapon was added to the game’s arsenal, the MAG-7, a shotgun with a high rate of fire and containing eight rounds. It’s a powerful weapon that has an ability to take down enemies in just two shots.

Additionally, knives would have a new throwing function, you would be able to allow them to be thrown from a distance to damage enemies.

New pet and general changes

Along with all of the above, a new pet has also been introduced on the battlefield by the Freefire:

 Dreki. This is a baby dragon, which has an ability called Dragon Glare, which allows you to find enemies that are healing nearby. It cost ten diamonds in the in-game store.

With the arrival of the new update, a new lobby was added to the game. That location was a caged combat arena situated in the middle of a stadium.

New sensitivity settings, which would improve the experience in third-person view, are also expected, as well as two new training centers.

Latest Update- OB27

This update was released on the 14th April 2021. In this update Freefire has introduced many more new features and characters.

Garena Free Fire receives many new updates, improving the overall experience for the players. Now, this battle royale game got a new OB27 update. Even when the PUBG dominates the market, it has managed to survive in the market with its updates and many new features. In addition as usual, this update comes with several new features.

Players have to update the game to experience all the new things that have made their way into the game, including new characters, weapons, car skins and more. Moreover, this is to lists out the five most useful features of the Garena Free Fire OB27 update:

Features in the Garena Free Fire OB27 Update

Changes in the Character System

  • The UI of the Character System is totally overhauled and improved. This has become more accessible for users. Moreover, they have changed the specified skills via the loadout section present on the lobby screen. Below is what we have expected during this particular feature:
  • Brand new UI for the Character system
  • Character max level reduced from 8->6
  • Awakening Character’s Skills will now have the effect of the first Character skill
  • Upgrading Character levels will not cost any gold and diamonds

Weapon Balancing

Weapon Balancing is another important thing that the Garena Free Fire OB27 World Series updated. The following are the weapons that have been balanced by the Game:

  • FAMAS gun
  • UMP gun
  • FF Knife 
  • MAG-7 gun
  • Vector gun
  • M82B
  • M14 gun
  • Flashbang
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Machine Gun Mode

Character Balancing

In addition, several characters’ abilities have also been updated by the freefire. They areproviding users with a good gameplay experience on the battlefield.

The ability to try to tothe subsequenthave been altered with the newestGarena Free Fire update of Garena Freefire:[

  • Chrono
  • Maxima
  • Rafael
  • Hayato “Firebrand”
  • A124
  • Olivia
  • Misha
  • Wukong

Bermuda Remastered

Bermuda Remastered has been finally available permanently in Garena Free Fire after the OB27 update by them. the improved version of the very popular Bermuda map features several locations that has been  added or removed are as follows:


  • Graveyard
  • Bullseye
  • Rim Nam Village
  • Riverside
  • Sentosa
  • Plantation


  • Nurek Dam
  • Academy
  • Aden’s Creek
  • Samurai Garden

New Weapon

Garena Freefire has also added a new weapon and that weapon is KORD.

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